Root Canal Therapy


As endodontic specialists, it is our main focus to help repair and save our patient's natural tooth or teeth.  Root canal therapy is needed when a tooth becomes decayed and/or infected with bacteria.

During traditional root canal therapy, a dentist or endodontist first numbs the patient, then drills into the tooth to allow access to the pulp. Once the tooth is “opened”, a cleaning solution is introduced into the root canal space using various files to disinfect the tooth.

Honolulu Endodontics proudly offers our patients a new breakthrough in endodontic treatment.  Our office now utilizes Photon Induced Photoacoustic Streaming (PIPS) in combination with the Lightwalker ER: YAG  Laser.

Root canal therapy that is done using this new technology is faster, relatively painless, and offers more benefits for our patients.


Once the tooth is “open”, PIPS then utilizes the power of the LightWalker ER:YAG Laser to create mini photoacoustic shockwaves within the cleaning solutions that are introduced into the root canal.  Instead of using different files to clean out the tooth, the shockwaves created by the laser are streamlined throughout the entire root canal system, enhancing the effectiveness of the cleaning solution.

Major benefits for patients include a more thorough cleaning and debriding of the root canal space, a reduced risk of re-infection, and natural preservation of the tooth endoskeleton, in turn maintaining the strength of the treated tooth.